Inside what?

At ENKEV we strive to provide industries with innovatively engineered products made of sustainably sourced materials. Our materials are suitable for furniture, filters, packaging and horticultural products.

Besides the environmental advantages our products also offer functional advantages. The open structures that we supply to the mattress industry are extremely beneficial for good sleep. None synthetic alternative can match the level of ventilation offered by the structure of ENKEV's natural materials.

Utilising materials found in trees, coconuts, and animal fur, we go beyond simply being eco-friendly. We are working towards and inviting everyone to join us in ‘closing the loop’: making products that can be reclaimed at the end of their lives to be recycled into something new.

How curious - our all-natural products can be considered both, as traditional materials, and as the raw materials of the future.


Browse your market and see how we can help you to look after your customers and the planet Our products provide the ideal filling material; due to it’s luxury feel, support, resilience and ventilation properties.

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    The comfort and support from a bed is the most important thing for the human body. This comfort comes from the filling, insulation, regualtion and core of the bed. When using the right materials, you can provide your customers with the perfect... Learn more
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    We can provide endless possibilities for the development of innovative and clean solutions in the traditional furniture and related markets. ENKEV combines natural materials with modern automated process techniques.. Learn more
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    Whether you are looking for air filters or liquid filters our team of experts have years of experience. In liquid filtration, optimal results are achieved when the filter medium perfectly combines adequate water flow with... Learn more
  • Horticulture


    We like to take things beyond just ‘eco-friendly’. So when thinking in terms such as ‘closing the loop’, in our case waste really equals food. What people would otherwise throw away, we use as a natural resource to create... Learn more
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    In order to address the number of clients coming to ENKEV to find sustainable solutions to their packaging challenges, we created a product which not only has a natural and sustainable character, but is also intrinsically very sustainable.  Learn more
  • Automotive


    As concerns about sustainability are constantly on a rise, the automotive industry is not an exclusion. A worldwide reaction and demand by consumers and major brands to reduce the amount of plastics being used... Learn more
  • Insoles


    ENKEV produces the raw materials for natural comfort insoles and footbeds. The material (coir, sisal) is very light, comfortable to wear, and thin enough to fit in fashionable shoes. The open structure allows air to flow in the sole... Learn more
  • Insulation


    With rising energy costst, insulation of our homes is becoming an important topic. With materials like flax and hemp Enkev can make insulation panels that - by nature - have excellent properties. 


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