How it all began

ENKEV was founded in Volendam, the Netherlands in 1932. Our original purpose was to employ local fishermen who were going out of business due to the decrease in fish in local waters. Socially-minded from day one, ENKEV has responsibility in its DNA. At our foundation, the only materials available were natural. We got to know them and how to make the highest quality products for our customers out of them.

When cheaper, synthetic materials started penetrating the industry, we witnessed our competitors jumping on board in search of higher profit. However, we decided to stay true to what we believed in and continued working with natural fibres. We believe that natural is the only way to go. Nature takes care of us, and we take care of nature. 

To this day, we work with natural materials. We invest our time and effort into designing circular processes so that at the end of their life we are able to repurpose the materials and give them a second chance.

We will never profit at the expense of our planet and society.

ENKEV. Engineered for sustainability. 

Our Approach

Almost 100 years after the company was founded, we have developed a good eye for the purest raw
ingredients provided to us by nature. We dedicate our knowledge and expertise to innovation, creating products that
do no harm to our planet and community. We aim to set an example to inspire others and raise the question of whether “faster” is always “better”, whether “cheaper” is “more convenient”.

We are a Yes! company. This means that we'll go all-in when we believe in an idea that requires development work. Of course we need to be be selective. There are only 24 hrs in a day and sometimes an idea lies too far from our capabilities. But - generally speaking - our most successful products are the result of close cooperation between ourselves and our customers.  

Let’s rethink the system together.

Our mission

ENKEV’s mission is to move the world towards a healthier planet and society by producing high-quality materials and products which outperform man-made solutions. By design, ENKEV’s products are completely bio-degradable or recyclable.

Our vision

ENKEV’s vision, “for a better world”, focuses on moving the traditional, linear economy to a more circular system.

Our values

Healthy Planet and People

At ENKEV we believe that we are a global community, interconnected like never before. We feel responsible for the impact that our business has on the global community and the environment. We constantly seek to reduce our impact as much as possible.

ENKEV's Extended Family

We are always looking to expand our capabilities by working with like-minded suppliers and manufacturers. Let us introduce you to just some of our extended family here at ENKEV.

  • Havivank

    At Havivank, we needle a full range of non wovens and fleeces. In our non woven factory we produce a full range of needled non wovens for the mattress industry. We are very flexible and have the widest range of different fibres in stock which we can blend into almost any combination. Havivank carrie the GOTS certificate. See our Certification page for more information.
  • Walotex

    In 2014, The ENKEV Group was very pleased to add Walotex bvba to the ENKEV Group family. The non-woven factory located in Rollegem, Belgium provides the exciting capability of thermally bonding our range. Within traditional markets we can now add more resilience, stability and structure to our fine fibre-filling ranges at highly competitive prices. The addition will also create possibilities to supply wider markets such as Insulation, Noise Contol, Automotive and Filtration. 
  • ENKEV Polska

    ENKEV Polska in Lodz, Poland has been part of the Enkev Family since 2000. Enkev Polska makes a full range of needled and rubberized products. 
    About Company/ENKEV Polska S.A. Registration data and Public subsidies/Pomoc publiczna, see bottom of the page together with Privacy policy and terms and conditions.
    Enkev Polska
  • Enkev UK

    From the garage of our salesmanager, in the 90-ies, we started to distribute materials in the UK that were mostly made by ENKEV BV.

    As the business grew, we moved to an area where an automotive factory was processing natural fibres (coconut and hair). There was experience in Silloth and that was the reason for moving to this beautiful village in Cumbria.

    Today ENKEV UK runs a needle-punch line and a rubberising line. We also run a bagging department where we prepare lose fibres to be sold to upholstery wholesalers. We also trade in Natural Latex foam.

    Enkev UK
  • Enkev USA

    In 2020 ENKEV started distribution of its materials via our warehouse in High Point, North Carolina.

    As of then, it became simple and cost-effective for American, Canadian and Central American customers to experiment with our natural and circular materials and to acquire them.

    Karsten is always available to inform you about the range we have available and about all the possibilities that ENKEV can offer you.

    Enkev USA