Fillerpad Horsetail


Fillerpads are available in various thicknesses and weights. The horsetail hair is usually layered onto a spun-bond or hessian backing. The backing usually serves as a logistic aid only, when the customer actually uses the sheets in production, the backing is peeled off. Usually, these layers are used as comfort-increasing layers in the build-up of a mattress. Fillerpads in their best and most resilient form when made from the longest fibres available - horsetail.  Mixing Coir and Horsehair donates unique properties to the final product. Maintaining the studriness of coconut coir and introducing elasticity of the horshair.

When considering the use of any product containing needled or loose horsehair, please take into consideration that individual hairs will tend to 'crawl' up. You will need to put a barrier in place. Our non-woven cotton/pes (80/20) 250 grams per m2 has proven to be a good barrier. These pads are delivered in sheets. Recommended weight between 1000 and 1500 grams per m2.