Labyrinth 100


Labyrinth blends the characteristics of carefully chosen, fully recyclable, synthetic fibres and nature’s finest design patterns. Adding Labyrinth to a quality mattress creates the most comfortable sleep for the consumer, the most durable choice for professional use, and even the most hygienic combination for potential medical or institutional use. The result is an unmatched combination of elasticity, pressure division and ventilation. Labyrinth gives you the highest level of comfort. Labyrinth is a hygienic, hypo-allergenic, dust-free, contaminant-free and non-toxic product. Humidity and air flows freely through the open layers of Labyrinth in your mattress or upholstery, resulting in the best climate for sleep or comfort. Like a fresh breeze in a hot summer, the horizontal air movement caused by natural body movement during the hours of sleep gives you the most comfortable microclimate, which leads to the most restful and relaxing conditions. Labyrinth is amazingly durable: we measured a maximum of 5% loss of thickness rolling a 140kg weight over the material for 60.000 times. So when it comes to ventilation, resilience, flexibility and durability, there is nothing better than Enkev’s new Labyrinth.