Akwamat 2


Similar to Akwamat I,  a great advantage of Akwamat 2 is that it can be used outdoors. Akwamat 2 is made of ‘Low-density polyethylene’ (LDPE). Akwamat 2 is easily cut to fit any shape or size, even round.

This mat has all the benefits of Enkev’s Akwamat 1: It’s superbly resilient and has an unmatched wicking quality, but is also completely water resistant. Cushions on your terrace or boat will dry rapidly after any rainshower with Akwamat 2 underneath them.  Akwamat 2 is made of completely recyclable materials making it the smart choice when it comes to sustainable solutions, whilst providing a light and modern look and feel. 

Akwamat can also be easily placed under your existing cushions or mattresses. The open structure of Akwamat provides perfect ventilation, keeps your mattress fresh and dry, and makes for much healthier air quality.

Unlike boats, campers and caravans usually don’t have a fixed-bed configuration. Even in these situations, Akwamat excels in its ventilation capabilities. Ventilation holes are often already present. If they are not, don’t worry; Akwamat delivers sufficient ventilation at the ends and through the cracks between the table and the benches.

In trailer tents, mattresses are usually located in the lid. In that case, you can opt for a slightly larger Akwamat. That way the Akwamat forms a lining on the inside of the lid, free ventilating due to its slightly larger size. This also applies to the alcove of a camper.