Enkev’s Haircolok is a response to questions from customers for a more flexible type of Cocolok. The result is Haircolok. Instead of using spun coir only, we make a blend of coir and horsehair. The result is exactly what our customers were looking for; A more flexible sheet than Cocolok. The resilience of the material comes from the juice of the rubber tree that we use to bind the fibres.

Its open and resilient structure allows Haircolok to create a good micro-climate, which is an advantage with mattresses, furniture, car seats, filters and more. ENKEV’s Haircolok is made purely from natural fibres (coir and horsehair) combined with natural latex. Haircolok can even be treated with natural additives to meet a range of international fire retardancy standards.

ENKEV produces sheets, that are then sprayed with natural latex, the juice from the rubber tree, to provide structure and elasticity. The latex that we use is inherently hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust-mite-resistant, making it a great product for allergy sufferers. Natural latex is a fully renewable material. Nature constantly replenishes these materials, which are unsurpassed in resilience, durability and ventilation. The combination of materials adapts very well to the human body. We feel comfortable in them, just like we feel comfortable in a cotton shirt or a woollen suit.