Taillok XXE


Taillok Extra Extra Elastic (XXE) is a product with unique properties. The composition of the product is 55% natural latex and only 45% strong tail fibres. Due to the high natural latex content, the product is extremely flexible and elastic. In fact, it can serve as an alternative to conventional latex sheets. Taillok XXE is, just like conventional latex, shape resistant and therefore resistant against sagging.

The main difference with conventional latex, is that Taillok XXE has an open structure. This structure guarantees maximum ventilation. Due to this ventilation, the Taillok XXE sheet offers great humidity management properties. The horizontal airflow within the open structure evaporates humidity, providing a much better sleep environment and quality.

ENKEV products are made purely from natural fibres and natural latex. Nature constantly replenishes these materials, which have unsurpassed resilience, durability and ventilation properties. Unlike petroleum-based products, the raw materials for this product are not in limited supply; Animal hair and coco fibres are mostly disposable by-products of different processes. ENKEV simply reuses these materials and gives them a new purpose in life, meaning our products are both perfectly recycled, and recyclable. At the end of their lifecycle, they can be composted to feed the biological chain they are derived from.