Japanese Filter Mat


The Japanese mat is used in a multitude of finished products. Our buyers use them mainly for filtering koi ponds, next to applications in annealing installations and air-control units. 

Our Japanese mats are most respected for four reasons: the large specific surface area, our high volume flow (no clogging), the quick start-up of bacterial fauna and nitrification processes, and great durability. Perfectly bringing these matters into one distinct filter mat, ENKEV establishes the benchmark for koi filtration.

Healthy koi need clean water. Our Japanese mat satisfies the users’ needs for many years and will continuously provide the best housing for bacteria. The more bacteria your filtration unit can house, the higher the ability of your system to remove toxic ammonia and nitrites. These bacteria are needed because they process this toxic waste into nitrate. Nitrate is used by plants and encourages their growth in your pond or fish tank.

The secret of the surface area of the Japanese Mat lies in the surface of the individual fibres. We especially ‘frost’ the surface of the coarse PET fibres to facilitate the nesting of the individual bacteria. The high porosity binder we use gives an additional surface to increase the nitrification process. The rigid and durable structure makes the Japanese filter mat easy to clean and easy to cut and fit. The absence of chlorine and other toxic substances creates an optimal microclimate for bacteria, making our solution the best mat for your pond.