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Since our foundation in 1932, we have become the leading processor of fibres, creating materials that can be used in a variety of applications including mattresses, furniture, packaging, automotive and filter products.

ENKEV’s mission is to move the world towards a healthier planet and society by producing high-quality materials and products which outperform man-made solutions. By design, ENKEV’s products are completely bio-degradable or circular.

With strong roots in the Netherlands and branches in Belgium, Poland, the United Kingdom and North America, ENKEV is a truly global company.

Browse your industry to see how we can help you create quality products and look after the planet.

Our natural and circular materials provide the ideal filling material with their luxury feel, support, resilience and ventilation qualities.

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    ENKEV's products are engineered to provide perfect sleep.

    All our materials are open and ventilating. Such properties are crucial to create the perfect microclimate in a mattress.

    It's not a coincidence that the most exclusive brands in the world use our materials. However, this does not mean that our materials are only used in such high end mattresses.

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    ENKEV provides PU-foam replacing solutions to enable the furniture industry to answer the changing demands from concerned consumers.

    ENKEV has designed a production process that especially in the area of conference and dining  chairs, provides a good alternative for foam.

    ENKEV combines natural materials with modern automated process techniques...

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    The structures that ENKEV makes for the purification of liquids, are famous for the amount of surface area that they provide. This is crucial in biological filtration.

    Some of our materials offer upto almost 1000m2 of surface per m3. 

    The materials that Enkev makes for air purification offer a low pressure drop. They do not clog easily (deep filtarion).


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  • Horticulture


    We like to take things beyond just eco-friendly. So when thinking in terms such as 'closing the loop', in our case waste really equals food. What people would otherwise throw away, we use as a natural resource to create products.

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    In order to address the number of clients coming to ENKEV to find sustainable solutions to their packaging challenges, we created a product which not only has a natural and sustainable character, but is also intrinsically very sustainable. 

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    As concerns about sustainability are constantly on the rise, the automotive industry is not an exclusion. A worldwide reaction and demand by consumers and major brands to reduce the amount of plastics being used...

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    ENKEV produces the materials needed for natural comfort insoles and footbeds. The material (coir, sisal) is very light, comfortable to wear, and thin enough to fit in fashionable shoes.

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Natural Products

Our Natural material collection is made from organic fibres and natural latex. They are for a largely plant based and often offer better properties than more harmful solutions. This means they are truely sustainable and that they are reducing harm to us, and to our planet.

Explore our natural materials
  • ENKEV_ICONS_Coconut


    ENKEVs Cocolok is made purely from natural coconut fibres and natural latex. The fibre is collected from the coconut husk, a resource that is widely available. Coconut palms grow on 10 million of hectares of land throughout the tropics.

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  • ENKEV_ICONS_bamboo


    Bamboo fibre is a green natural fibre. It can replace the raw fibre materials, such as organic fibre, jute, sisal hemp, etc. It can be applied in many fields, such as home textile, bedding, underwear, sportswear, and many more.

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    Camel Wool

    Camel fibre is obtained from the two-humped Bactrian Camel often found in Eastern Europe and Asia. The luxurious soft camel wool fibre is collected from the soft underbelly of the camel during the warm summer months.

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    Almost pure cellulose, cotton is the world’s most widely used natural fibre. The main reasons for this are it’s softness and breathability. Cotton absorbs moisture readily which makes cotton comfortable in hot weather.

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    ENKEV’s Hairlok is made purely from natural animal hair and natural latex. Hairlok is ideal for distributing pressure over pocket springs without limiting the point elasticity that the pockets provide.

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  • ENKEV_ICONS_Alpaca


    Alpaca is one of the new breed of exotic fibres offering the very best in comfort, feel and performance. As an animal fibre, Alpaca offers unique properties which make it an ideal material for use in high quality sleep solutions.

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  • ENKEV_ICONS_Cattle

    Cattle Hair

    Health can never be underestimated. Comfort, the lack of stress and the need to allow time for recovery are all important. All three factors also are part of cattle management, so appropriate handling practise must be taken throughout this process.

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Circular Products

Inspired by nature, our circular materials are created using natural techniques and can be disassembled, maintained, remade or otherwise recycled. Let's close the loop together. We are open to buying back our Labyrinth products at the end of the products life...

Explore our circular products

    Labyrinth 100

    Labyrinth 100 blends the characteristics of carefully chosen, fully recyclable, synthetic fibres and nature’s finest design patterns. The result is an unmatched combination of elasticity, pressure division and ventilation.

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    Labyrinth 200

    Labyrinth 200 is made of 100% LDPE. It is mainly applied as the full core in either children's or adult mattress.With circular principles at heart, we've created Labyrinth - a revolutionary and unique new filling material...

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What we do

Inspired by nature, ENKEV creates innovative and forward-thinking products that are alternatives to environmentally harmful or destructive materials.

Our Impact

At ENKEV we are constantly investigating our impact on the environment. We are dedicated to creating clarity and transparency in the environmental footprint of each of our products and manufacturing processes.

Our motivation comes from the threat of climate change due to increasing CO2 emissions. We leave companies with no excuses, by making recyclable and biodegradable solutions using natural materials.

We are helping producers, manufacturers and consumers close the loop once and for all.

Talk to a Specialist! 

We are always interested in hearing from customers and like-minded people. If you would like to know more about ENKEV, our materials and any of our initiatives,  please reach out to us at the link below.