Natural materials like jute, coconut but also wool, have a long history of being used in the horticulture industry.

The anti-weed discs from our partner Engrow (www.engrow.nl) is a good example of how our materials help growers to optimize their yields and improve the health of their plants. 

Next to that, we have developed a patented coconut fibre-based substrate. We call it SubEnk and we aim launch of the product in 2024. It's suitable for growing tomatoes and cucumbers. SubEnk's structure is strong, so the plants do not fall over as they gain weight while they grow. The substrate can be used in multiple cycles and once you need to throw it away you can plough it into your fields. Coconut fibre is a fantastic soil improver! 

We are also helping companies with other natural fibre-based materials in the soilless growing area.

We work closely together with Wageningen University. 

AW Disk

Together with our partner Engrow BV, we deliver a complete series of horticultural products such as anti-weed disks for weed control. The AW-DISK is an environmentally friendly solution for weeds. The AW-DISK covers the product and consists of durable coconut fibre and natural latex. Both elements are completely biologically biodegradable. The AW-DISK is the answer to weeds and liverwort. If you are interested please contact Engrow (www.engrow.nl)

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