Automotive Industry

As concerns about sustainability are constantly on a rise, the automotive industry is not an exclusion. A worldwide reaction and demand by consumers and major brands to reduce the amount of plastics being used in their products is evident. Natural fibres are playing a big part in this environmental movement which is slowly but steadily penetrating the automotive industry. A broad range of natural fibres can be applied in this industry, including bamboo, flax, animal hair etc. Natural fibres have excellent physical properties applied in seating, which in the right matrix offer properties that can be comparable to glass fibres.

The only way to break dependancy on the harmful and non-recyclable polyurethane foam is to substitute it with either natural or circular materials. ENKEV has a solution to lead automotive industry towards a cleaner future.

Products available

When it comes to automotive industry, it is highly dominated by PU foam. ENKEV offers natural biodegradable products to substitute poluting PU foam for this industry.