ENKEV produces the raw materials for natural comfort insoles and footbeds. The material (coir, sisal) is very light, comfortable to wear, and thin enough to fit in fashionable shoes. The open structure allows air to flow in the sole, so that humidity can evaporate. Both coir and sisal have proven anti-bacterial properties.

The material can be shaped and moulded, allowing shoe manufacturers to make the anatomical insoles they want.


Our purely natural insoles are the perfect solution to prevent uncomfortable perspiration. Coconut fibres create a germ-free environment that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. The moisture-wicking properties of these natural fibres keep feet feeling dry, fresh and hygienic. ENKEV's natural insoles provide comfortable cushioning and support. We can supply anatomical moulded insoles, dye-cut flat shapes, sheets and rolls of material.



Raw Materials

Manufacturing Process