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We aim to bring full transparency to our processes.  This gives our customers a clear picture of our supply chain, of our methods, and impact. This helps making custpmers aware of our process and it helps them understand what kind of impact their raw materials will have on their final product. We do this because we believe that the only way to a better future is through collaboration and a joined effort. We can only succeed if we work together. We also need to be clear that in some supply chains there is more info available than in others.



At ENKEV, we are constantly investigating our impact on the environment. We have made it our mission to be an inspiration and a driver of positive change. We believe in the power and the positive impact of our certifications, which are assurance that our products and our company meet the highest standards of transparency, responsibility and sustainability. Alongside our certifications, we are constantly working on detailed CO2 footprint calculations for our single products and our company overall.

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CO2 Footprint

CO2 emissions reduction is crucial to stop the earth from overheating.

We are dedicated to creating clarity in the environmental footprint of each of our products. We have mapped the impact of the CO2 emissions of our main range of products during the entire process. Our Natural range (coir/hair/wool with or without natural latex) emits up to 79% less CO2 than PU-foam. And our Circular range (Labyrinth) outperforms PU foam in both performance (ventilation) ánd CO2 emisssions. It emits to 4.66 times less CO2 than PU foam when it's recycled.

From raw materials, production process and transportation through to usage including end of life, whether this is disposal, up-cycling or down-cycling, ENKEV has a solution.

Enkev, Engineered for Sustainability