We look after the sleep and the planet at the same time

ENKEV is constantly developing ideas and products for our traditional furniture and related markets. We are combining our natural materials with modern automated processing techniques.

Working together with mattress manufacturers who aim to provide the best in comfort, support, and design for the body; at the same time ENKEV's natural solutions provide the best for the environment. Our products, made of natural fibres offer organic ventilation, elasticity, durability and resilience. In addition, their capillary properties ensure a natural micro-climate that regulates the temperature and moisture for optimum comfort in the warm summer or cool winter months.

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We have combined sustainable materials with market-leading techniques to bring you the highest quality mattresses that best suit the needs of your market. Explore the different mattress configurations available at ENKEV.

Mattress configurator

We want to make it easy for you to work with our materials. Therefore we have created the Enkev Dynamic Mattress Configurator. The tool is designed to inspire you. You can design your own digital mattress. The mattress can be simple (2 layers) and it can be a little more complicated (4 layers). If you would like us to judge your design, please send us a picture of the screen.

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Comfort and support of a bed is the most important thing for the rest of a human body. This comfort comes from the filling, insulation, regulation and core of the bed. You don't need to compromise to find sustainable comfort and durability. When using the right materials, you can provide your customers with the perfect night's rest. 

Comfort Layer

For a comfort layer fluffiness, softness, ventilation and the regulation and control of moisture are very important. It’s placed right underneath the ticking of the mattress.

Filling layer

Natural hair provides the ideal filling material; due to it’s luxury feel, support, resilience and ventilation properties. 

Core Layer

The comfort and support from a bed is the most important thing for the human body. This comfort comes from the core of the bed, when chosen the right materials and density it should provide the bed with sufficient support and durability to provide your customers with a perfect night’s rest.

Insulator Layer

The insulator should be strong and have some ‘mass’ to either divide pressure or to protect the softer comfort layers/filling materials from ‘hard’ materials like springs.

Layers in a mattress

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Nature helps us to create new materials, which doesn’t harm us or the planet. All of our products are made from raw materials and natural latex.

  • natural luxury shadow-04

    Natural Luxury

    LGA durability rating: 93 points.

    Texel wool thermo-bonded 500gr /m2 (quilted in cover) / 25mm

    Taillok XXE D50 / 25mm

    Springs End-to-End with pp fleece insulator / 150mm

    Hairlok  D60 / 20m

    Total Height: 220mm

  • Natural Latex -05

    Natural Luxury VEGAN

    LGA durability rating: 96 points.

    Havibond cotton 500gr/m2 (quilted in cover) / 20mm

    Cocolok XXE D60 / 25mm

    Springs End-to-End with pp fleece insulator / 150mm

    Cocolok XXE D60 / 25mm

    Total Height: 220mm

  • natural Latex Vegan-06

    Natural Latex

    LGA durability rating: 88 points

    Wools of New Zealand  fleece wool 400gr (quilted in cover) / 5mm

    Natural Latex density 65 / 60mm

    Cocolok D 60 XXE / 50mmLatex density 65 / 60mm

    Total Height: 175mm

  • natural luxury shadow-04

    The Circular

    LGA durability rating: 99 points

    Labyrinth 100 - D50 / 30mm Mini pockets  / 45mm

    Springs End-to-End with pp fleece insulator / 150mm

    Recycled felt 1000gr/m2 / 5mm

    Total Height: 175m

  • Natural for All -07

    Natural for All

    LGA durability rating: 99 points.

    Latex / 30mm

    Mini pockets / 30mm Hairlok D70 / 10mm

    Springs + pu foam encasing / 150mm

    Hairlok D70 / 10mm

    Total Height: 240mm