We look after the comfort and the planet at the same time

ENKEV is constantly developing ideas and products for our traditional furniture and related markets. We are combining our natural materials with modern automated processing techniques.

Working together with seating manufactures who aim to provide the best in design, comfort and support for the body; ENKEV natural interiors also provide the best for the environment; as natural fibres offer natural ventilation, elasticity, durability and resilience; in addition their capillary properties ensure a natural micro-climate that regulates the temperature and moisture for optimum comfort in the warm summer or cool winter months.


The comfort and support in upholstery is vital for the construction of the furniture. The comfort comes from the core of the seating, when chosen the right materials and density it should provide the seat and back with sufficient support, durability and ventilation for your customers.

Yet comfort is not the only necessity in today's furniture market. Sustainability plays just as crucial a role. Whether it's soft furnishing or office seating, sustainability it the leading argument. With our all-natural products, which are fully biodegradable, we are confident to make a positive change.


The comfort and support from a bed is the most important thing for the human body in order to rest. This comfort comes from the core of the bed, when choosing the right materials and density, it should provide sufficient support and durability to provide your customers with a perfect night’s rest.

Thin PU Foam replacer

Dining chairs and conference seating has been or our minds. This is why we've designed a thin, lightly contoured natural seat pad.

So much effort from designers nowadays to design responsible furniture.  Wood (renewable) or recyclable polymers (recyclable) are being used to create sustainable pieces of furniture. 

And yet, we still often see PU foam being used (not renewable and certainly not 100% recyclable) to create sitting comfort.

ENKEV is here to help creatives and designers to move fully and confidently to sustainable and bio-based designs.

ENKEV, Engineered for sustainability

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Comfort Layer Core Material